Final Fantasy GBA Rom – (USA version)

A game can easily release all your stress out. Huge numbers of people all over the world play different kinds of video games. But not all the games are interesting. Moreover, different people have different taste of games. The concept and the graphics should be unique of the game so that anyone can gain interest for that game. In real life, you cannot do all kinds of action but in the virtual world, you can do so with this action video game concept. The final fantasy action games are popular all over the world for ages. It’s like a fairy tale in which you can do action and this ultimate action video game is named as final fantasy gba rom. This game has been played by thousands of game lovers for ages. Here you can be your own gaming action icon and play this with a great enthusiasm.

Download the final fantasy gba rom

Final Fantasy is basically a role-playing game which is developed and published by Square Enix. In 1987, the first game of this final fantasy series was published. These games had been featured with plot themes, games machines, and character names. The main concept is that a group of heroes fighting with evil power. Also, the names of the characters are given the history, worldwide cultural mythologies, and languages. There are several platforms for this series of games and final fantasy gba rom is one of them. GBA i.e. Game boy advance is very popular platform along with android, blackberry, windows, ios, and GameCube.

The series is very popular and has been successful throughout the ages.  More than 130 million units of these video games were sold. The series is popular as it is very innovative. The visuals, music, and graphics of these games are really eye-catching. The full motion video is really modern and photo-realistic character looks great. Therefore if you are fond of games then this Game Boy Advance is the best handheld video game for them.

The origin of Game Boy Advance

Game boy advance i.e. GBA is basically one type of handheld video game and it is 32-bit. GBA is manufactured by Nintendo and released in the sixth generation of video games. The release dates of GBA are 21st March 2001 in Japan, 22th June 2001 in Europe and Australia, 11th June 2001 in North America and 8th June 2004 in mainland China. There were lots of competitors who gave best efforts to let the market of GBA down. But Nintendo well maintained a huge market share with the GBA. The media of GBA is ROM cartridge. 81.51 million Units of Game Boy Advance have been sold worldwide till the date of 30th June 2010.

Technical specifications

ARM7TDMI and Zilog Z80 CPU are used for this GBA video game. It works in 16.78 MHZ and 8 or 4 MHZ frequency respectively. It has 32 Kb internal memories, 96 KB VRAM and 256 KB external memory. The 40.8 X 61.2 mm size display is very advanced for this handheld video game. Thin film transistor i.e. TFT color LCD is used in GBA with 240 X 160-pixel resolution. 2 X AA power batteries are used in GBA video game. 15-bits BGR color supports in GBA. It is susceptible to display 512 colors in character mode and also capable of displaying 2^15 synchronous colors in bitmap mode. For direct sound dual 8-bit DAC is used in GBA but new DACs which are used in GBA, playback streams of wave data. You also can play the Final Fantasy GBA rom on other devices/emulators.

Game boy advance games

There are several games which were released for the GBA video game system. There is 1074 total number of games which are organized alphabetically. Each and every GBA game is only compatible with GBA and thus is not supported in other game boy systems. ‘Pixline i Pixieland’ is the final game which was released for GBA on 6th December 2008.

There are 1074 popular games for Game boy advance and among all these games there are 6 final fantasy series were released. Those are final fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls, final fantasy IV advance, final fantasy Tactics advance, final fantasy V advance and final fantasy VI advances. Square Enix is the developer and Square Enix in Japan, Nintendo in overseas is the publisher for final fantasy series. All of the final fantasy series was released in Japan, Australia and Europe, North America and mainland China. In 2004 final fantasy I & II, in 2005 final fantasy IV advance, in 2003 final fantasy Tactics advance, in 2006 final fantasy V advance, and in 2006 final fantasy VI was released.

Final Fantasy GBA Rom Video Game

It is the most popular first role-playing video game in Square’s Final Fantasy series. It is developed and published by Square in 1987 and created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. The designers of this game are Hironobu Sakaguchi, Hiromichi Tanaka, Akitoshi Kawazu, Koichi Ishii and Nasir Gebelli is the programmer of final fantasy. Finally when they were done, it was released for the NES platform.

The main story of this game –

Four youths named light Warriors and  each of them carry one of their world’s four elemental orbs that have been darkened by four friends. They have to fight against evil forces to defeat them and bring back the light to their orb and protect their world.

About gameplay

There are four basic game modes. Those are:

  • Overworld map
  • Town and dungeon maps
  • A battle screen
  • A menu screen

Players use the overworld map to give direction to the characters in various locations. And they can travel the world by foot, ship, an airship or by a canoe which is available to the player’s progress. With the players, progress in the game the plot develops through town and dungeons. The town citizens offer important information and others who have a shop they sell equipment. Dungeons stay in areas like forest, caves or mountain and because of that they have treasures which are not easily available in shops.

In game’s menu screen a player can see their points, levels, they can choose equipment for fight and magic items. The range of character’s level is 1 to 50 and it determines the experience of the character. When the level is increased and the character progresses in the game, it gains the attribute like hit points i.e. HP (how much health remaining). Thus by winning battles the characters the characters gain experience.

From the list of options in the menu screen, the player can select an action like attack, item, and magic. The battle continues until either side is defeated. If the player’s side wins, they gain experience, if they flee the whole will be game returned to map screen and if all characters die then the game will be over. The player’s character shows on the right side of the screen and the enemy’s character shows on the left side of the screen.

Four Characters

Initially the player chooses four characters to form a group. It consists of six classes and those are a fighter, thief, black belt, red mage, white mage and black mage. In the progress of the game, the player can upgrade the class of each character and few classes achieve the power to use weapons and magic. The character can become more powerful as the game contains various weapons, item, and armor. Some of the weapons and armor are magical. Also, each character has eight slots, four of them hold weapons and four hold armors. Tents and cabins are used by the players.

Magic is a common power and the characters can use it whose occupation allows doing so when it is necessary. There are two groups- white defines for defensive and healing and black defines for debilitating and destructive. Spells are classified with four white and four black per level. Any of the levels can be learned by white and black mages while red mages, the knight, and the ninja cannot utilize most of the high-level magic.

The Plot of the Game

It is basically a virtual world where an action game lover can play this interesting game. This game takes place in the virtual world with three continents. The elemental powers are decided by the state of four orbs, each of the orbs consist of one of the classical elements-earth, wind, fire, and water. Also, the world of final fantasy is occupied by numerous races by humans, dwarves, dragons, elves, and robots. Four hundred years ago the age was started as the wind orb went dark. After two hundred years the water orb also went dark. The fire orb and the earth orb also become same by evil powers. The Sage Lukahn tells a few years later that four light warriors will save the world from darkness.

Final Fantasy GBA rom I & II: Dawn of Souls

Final Fantasy gba rom has been remade for several platforms and game boy advance is one of them. All of the remakes based on the same story and plot. The improvement is in different areas like sounds, game elements, and sound. In final fantasy I & II Dawn of souls, there are four additional features included in it. Those are dungeons, updated bestiary and also some minor changes. Final fantasy I &II: Dawn of Souls is the origin of final fantasy, it is the port of first two games in this series.

As a result, most of the reviews for Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls was positive. Therefore, Jeremy Dunham of IGN said it was much better than the prior version the game and praised this game for the improved English translation. The graphics and the sound quality are very catchy to the players. It is the best game for game lovers and can be played on game boy advance video game platform.

Few descriptions of other final fantasy series in GBA platform-

Final Fantasy GBA rom IV

It is also a role-playing video game, known as Final Fantasy II. In final fantasy series, it is the fourth main installation. Final Fantasy IV is a very innovative game in final fantasy series. In five random final fantasy games, its ‘Active Time Battle’ system was used. Each of the characters of final fantasy IV has their own unchangeable character class.

The story of the game in short- there is a dark knight named Cecil. And he tries hard to stop the sorcerer Golbez from grabbing the powerful crystal and demolish the world. He is joined in this quest by changing the group of allies.

Final Fantasy GBA rom V

It is a medieval fantasy video game and a part of final fantasy series. The game has been ported to Sony’s play station and also Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. And it has a very high-resolution graphics and sound quality is outstanding. The main story based on the crystal that controls the world’s elements. Bartz, the wanderer, and his party have to keep the crystal safe from evil power to protect the world.

Final Fantasy GBA rom VI

Another name for the game is Final Fantasy III. The technology of this game is very modern and second industrial revolution. There are fourteen characters in this game and the story has a team of rebels who throw their own dictatorship.