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Gaming has been one of the widely enjoyed entertainments all over the world. Practically, we can almost say that the gaming industry sprouted up from the advent of cartridges that hold so many awesome games. That is the very beginning of the popularization of video games that stunned the gamers back then. Since then, the gaming industry gradually elevated with a lot of advancements in terms of graphics and consoles. Still, there are some games that never lose its charm and survive through all the advancements. Such games are supported with an intriguing storyline. One such game is final fantasy 1 rom that had been enjoyed by a broad group of audience worldwide.

Download the Final Fantasy 1 ROM

Download the Final fantasy 1 rom for free

The origin

The development and the publication of this role-playing game were done by the Square Enix in 1987. Back then, the company was called as a square. This game is the beginning of the company’s Final Fantasy series which was widely received worldwide. This game is created by Hironobu Sakaguchi for the Nintendo Entertainment System console. Then, due to the overwhelming response, this game was re-released for a variety of advanced gaming consoles.

This game was mostly distributed along with its sequel (Final Fantasy II) during sales in the later years. This game was developed with a different title in mind. They were planning to use the name ‘fighting fantasy’ for this game but due to some legal issues, they had to change the title. This game had garnered a lot of positive reviews. Its popularity led to the development of a lot of sequels and spin-offs which was also received well by the gamers. This game is now regarded as one of the influential games in the Nintendo Entertainment System’s history. In fact, the idea of this game was approved reluctantly due to its unpromising genre. This game proved the reluctance unnecessary with its huge sales record.


This game had been in the mind of Hironobu Sakaguchi for a long time. Due to its genre which was quite infamous those days, his idea had been rejected by the Square. They thought that it would not sell up to the expectation.

When the role-playing game called as Dragon Quest released in Japan and became the immediate hit, Square decided to consider Hironobu’s idea. When his project had been approved, the designers from Square were initially hesitant to join his team. It was because he was not yet done any successful projects. Then he convinced some of the proficient designers such as Koichi Ishii and Akitoshi Kawazu to join his team. Hence after going through a lot of obstacles, the Final Fantasy finally hit the stores. He mainly wanted to implement a feature in his game that the players are enabled to choose their partner characters in the game.

Download the Final fantasy 1 rom

The Plot

The plot was prepared by the writer Kenji Terada based on a story by Sakaguchi. The development of the game also involves the composition of music. Without a good music, a game is incomplete. The music of this game was composed by the famous musician in the circle Nobuo Uematsu.

This album is the 16th video game music composition of Nobuo. The coding of this game was done by the Nasir Gebelli who’d written the code based on the concept he’s been told. When he wanted to know the entire story for better understanding, his query was denied. Then he agreed to code based only on the concept itself. Apart from the above members, there were a lot of technicians who helped the development of this game. His team was called as ‘Team A’. When his game started to show a positive progress, Hiromichi Tanaka along with his Team B came forward to assist Hironobu.

The plot and gameplay

Just like every other successful game, this game is also supported by an intriguing story. The game is based on the four warriors who are the heroes of the story and each of them carries the darkened orbs.

The warriors are called as the Light Warriors and they initially got access to the Kingdom of Coneria and the Temple of Fiends. As the game progresses, the warriors save the Princess Sara fighting and defeating the evil Knight Garland. As a result of their accomplishment, the King of Coneria builds a bridge for the Light Warriors to enter the town of Pravoka. In that town, the Light Warriors have to fight the evil Bikke and his pirates to save the town.

Defeating Bikke’s Army

Once defeating the Bikke’s army, the Light Warriors acquire the pirates’ ship for their use and goes on a quest on the Aldi Sea. On their mission, they fight several enemies and accomplish several missions. On one of their missions helping the Elf King, they receive a mystic key as a gift which is capable of opening any doors.

The key was later used to unlock a storage room in Coneria castle which has the TNT that’s used by a Dwarf from the Dwarf Village to destroy the isthimus. Their action led to the connection of Aldi Sea to the outside world.  Likewise, the game proceeds with a lot of adventurous missions. The game starts with the player choosing four characters to form their team. Each character contains specific ability and from a specific class. There are totally six classes: Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage, and Black Mage.

Four Game Modes

The final fantasy 1 rom has four game modes. They include,

  • An overworld map
  • Town & Dungeon maps
  • A battle screen
  • Menu screen

The means of travel across the overworld includes,

  • A canoe
  • A ship
  • Foot
  • Airship

While the player advances through the towns, they receive useful information from the citizens of the towns. The shops in the towns enable players to trade items. The player is given with several health points and when they are reduced to zero the player dies. The player can also gain experience points by winning battles. They can keep track of the experience points in the menu screen.

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Menu Screen

The menu screen (Final Fantasy 1 rom) also enables players to equip items and use magic. Therefore, the integration of the gripping story and a smooth gameplay have made the game a massive hit. Final Fantasy 1 rom has seen a variety of sequels which were released for a variety of consoles. By the end of 2013, the Final Fantasy series has recorded around two million copies in sales worldwide. The original release itself sold around 400,000 copies. Hence, this game has been one of the important games in Nintendo’s history. There is no wonder that this game is still loved by the gamers all around the world. It’s time to play the Final Fantasy 1 rom, download it now and start playing.

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