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Anyone can play the game in their leisure time for relaxing. Also, there are different types of games with different features. The graphics, sounds, story of the game should be interesting and unique so that one can gain interest to play it. It can give extreme satisfaction to a game lover. In real life, it is not possible to do all kinds of action, but in a virtual world, you can do whatever you want to do. Gaming is like a fantasy where you can fight with enemies, try to save the world.  If you win the game then the overwhelming feeling of pride that only a game lover can understand. Here, Final Fantasy 7 rom is one such game from final fantasy series that is very popular throughout the ages.

Download the Final fantasy 7 rom for free

The technologies of the games improves day by day. A game never loses its desirability and its fan following.  Final Fantasy video game is in the market from 1987. There are several series of final fantasy was released in the different country. In these series, Final Fantasy 7 rom is very advanced and lots of new features are added to it.  This video game has been launched on a different platform.  The innovation is really creative and the visual, features, music and graphics attracts game lover to play this game.

About Final Fantasy 7 rom

Final Fantasy 7 rom is basically is a video game and the main concept is role-playing. It made it’s appearance in 1997 and developed by Square for PlayStation. In final fantasy series, final fantasy 7 rom is the seventh main installment. The director of this game is Yoshinori Kitase and producer is Hironobu Sakaguchi. A very famous programmer Ken Narita did the computer programming for this game. Yusuke Naora and Tetsuya Nomura are the artists of this game. The writers of the story of this game are Kazushige Nojima and Yoshinori Kitase. Nobuo Uematsu is the composer who gave the beautiful sounds and music of this game. Final Fantasy 7 is on on many platforms, those are PlayStation, ios, android, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

The main story of Final Fantasy 7 rom in short-

The story of the game starts with a mercenary Cloud Strife who joins an organization of eco-terrorist to end the world-controlling megacorporation. The planet’s life essence used by Shinra as a source of energy. Sephiroth, superhuman tries to destroy the planet. Events send to cloud and his allies to defeat Sephiroth and save the world. The time of their journey, cloud grows a close friendship with his group members, including Aerith Gainsborough who has the top secret to protect and save their world.

Success story of Final Fantasy 7 rom

Actually, the development for Super NES on final fantasy 7 rom started in 1994. There were some technical difficulties in this game for experimenting on different platforms. So finally square moved the development to PlayStation and the difficulties were sorted due to the advantages of the CD-ROM format. In most of the scenes of this game, full motion video and 3D computer graphics were used. The character models which display on the screen are superimposed over the pre-rendered background. Final Fantasy VII consists of science fiction elements with the realistic technology based presentation. The marketing budget of Final Fantasy VII development was USD $80 million and 100 and more than 100 staff they had.

The whole team of final fantasy VII started a campaign for pre-release promotion and they received a great critical and commercial success. Final Fantasy Vii is still considered as a landmark title and one of the greatest games of all time.  After releasing of Final Fantasy VII the sales of the PlayStation was highly increased and the popularity of Japanese role-playing game spread worldwide. The graphics, music, gameplay and the story of final fantasy VII were highly appreciable. Various Game of the Year awards has been won by Final Fantasy VII. This game had achieved a great success on various platforms. For PlayStation 4, a high-definition (HD) remake of Final Fantasy VII was created.

About Gameplay

The game has three modes of the play-the field, the world map, and the battle screen. On a 3D world map, the players of Final Fantasy VII explore the entire world. The world map has representations of areas including towns, ruins, and environment to guide the players to enter. The players have to cross the natural barriers like deserts, bodies of water and mountains, by foot. As the game progress, they get vehicles to overcome these obstacles. In Final Fantasy series, this mode is in three-dimensional (3D) spaces.

The player can easily roam in the environment and talk with the characters of the game in this mode. Event games are one type of short minigames that have special control functions and often these are the part of stories. In this mode, the player can find shops which provide a chance to buy or sell items like weapons, accessories, and armor for Cloud and his party. If the characters take rest, their hit points will be totally restore despite any abnormalities happen during battle time.

The Character

The player character is on the one side of the screen and enemies on the other side of the screen. Many statistics describe the character’s battle effectiveness, like hit points which determine the total damage they take from enemies and the magic describes the total damage they can inflict with spells. On the screen each of the characters has time gauge when the character’s time gauge is full, the player can throw a command that may include attacking, magic and using items.

The availability of commands will increase with progressing of the game. The battle ends when  the players may receive money, item, and points. The game ends if the player is dead. The players can access the menu screen when the battle is not going on.  The player can review the status and statistics of each character, use items, abilities equipment, and also can save the game on the screen.

Art design of Final Fantasy VII

The art director Yusuke Naora switches the design into 3D for Final Fantasy VII. 3D visual needed a very different style than 2D, so he taught himself drawing in a new patter. He requested to the development team to dedicate entirely to the game’s visual design. The total visual including modeling of 3D characters, texturing, illustration, visual effects, animation and creation of environments are outstanding. The art style of final fantasy VII defined by Naora as Dark and Weird. Naora personally designed the Shinra logo and Kanji symbol. The promotional artwork, logo artwork is beautifully and perfect. Finally, he created different designs of images and asked to choose the team which they preferred.

Tetsuya Nomura designed the main characters of the game. As an assistant character designer, Naora helped to adjust each of the character’s outlook so that, the actions they executed were believable. The original design of Cloud described with slicked-back black hair with no spikes. But later Naora changed cloud’s design to a shock of spiky with bright blond hair. Sephiroth’s design looked like long flowing silver hair.

Latest Graphics

In final fantasy VII latest 3D graphics made their appearance. Here pixel arts entirely used in favor of polygonal model. The time of this game’s graphics development the cartridge ROM shift to CD-ROM that solved many problems. But this posed some problem as CD-ROM had slower speed and delay the actions of the game. This problem is something that needs improvment. Here 3D polygonal models are available so they could express emotions in a better way.

The developer used High-end Softimage 3D, power animator software and more powerful hardware which makes Final Fantasy VII improved and popular. In final fantasy VII, the environment of the game shifted with the angles of the camera. Moreover, the size of the character model changed depending on both their place in the game field and their distance from the camera.

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Music for Final Fantasy VII

Nobuo Uematsu composed, arranged, and produced the music of Final Fantasy VII. He had composed for the six previous games from Final Fantasy series At first he decided to use CD quality music with vocal sound, but it took longer time for loading the game in each area. So he uses MIDI-like sounds coming through the console’s internal sound sequencer. The soundtracks of the game comes through nicely in the 24 sound channels of PlayStation.

Uematsu composed such kind of music, through which the mood of the scene could reflect. The soundtrack of this game had more realistic feeling rather than crazy music. In 1997, the main soundtrack album i.e. ‘Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack’ is available by Square on four compact discs through its DigiCube.

Sale and Awards

2.3 million Copies had sold within the three days of its release. 330,000 copies of Final Fantasy VII sold in North America’s game’s debut weekend. Final Fantasy VII had sold 9.8 million copies worldwide, by the end to 2005. Over 10 million copies out the door by May 2010 and as of August 2015. Also, 11 million units of all physical and digital versions of this game went flying off the shelves over the world.

In 1997, Final Fantasy VII received several Games of the year awards. It won First Interactive Achievement awards in ‘Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ in the two different categories of ‘Console Adventure Game of the Year’ and ‘Console Role Playing Game of the Year’. It won Best Roleplaying computer game of 1997 in Origins Award. Those are- Readers’ choice all systems Game of the Year, Readers’ Choice PlayStation Game of the Year and Readers’ choice Roleplaying game of the year. EGM gave other awards to Final Fantasy VII for ‘Hottest Video Game Babe, “best Editing’ and ‘Best Print Ad’. The rankings in 2005 put it at 88th in IGN’s Top 100 Games of All Time.

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