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Gaming is the evergreen industry which world never ceases to entertain people.  That will be the case no matter how advanced the technology becomes. Practically, we could place our fingers on the cartridge type games as a start of an evolution of gaming. Back then, several games ruled the hearts of gamers with several different plots and genres. The gaming cartridges sold in millions for some famous games that made its way through all the advancing consoles later in the following years. Initially, the advancements were made at the chip level of the cartridges. Then it is elevated to Virtual consoles, Compact Discs, and various other forms. Download the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance rom files below.

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Whatever the form these games take, the excitement remains the same.  The excitement will never go away either as this is a thrilling game.Most of the times, not only the games but the characters in the game become be adopted later in other spin-offs, television series, and even full-length feature films. Every game relies on its story on the first hand to become popular. The games with an intriguing story are most likely to be loved by the gamers than the ones with mediocre plots.

One such game with an amazing storyline that attracted millions of gamers was final fantasy tactics advance rom. The game is especially known for its amazing plot and an interesting set of characters.

The origin

This role-playing game is developed by the Square Enix for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance Console. It is, in fact, a spin-off from the original Final Fantasy series that dates back to 1997.

This spin-off includes several elements from the final fantasy series despite not being a direct sequel. Since it is a role-play tactical game, players are enabled to set the abilities and traits of their playable characters.

The game is set in a grid-like battlefield where players could create their set of characters as a clan/team and control their actions. This game has been created in the collaboration of Square Enix (which is called as Square back then) and the Nintendo. In fact, they are one among the few initial products that had been released in this collaboration. The proficient team from the Quest Corporation designed this game. The game had garnered a lot of positive reviews and hence it led to the release of the Final fantasy tactics gaming merchandise.

Since the massive fan base of this game, the merchandise was the real hit just like the game. Following the popularity, the game has seen a sequel called as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance rom 2: Grimoire of the Rift.

The sequel was created for the Nintendo DS console. Later in 2016, this game was re-released for Wii U virtual console across several countries.


The development of this game was announced by the producer Matsuno. The announcement made following the agreement made on the collaboration of Nintendo and Square. The team brought from the Quest Corporation was signed for the development of this game. The development team belonged to the Square Enix’s Product Development Division 4.

The development work of Final fantasy tactics advance rom started in February 2002. This game was developed with a constant decision in mind that it should be more engaging than the Final Fantasy Tactics game. The development team eventually succeeded in coming up with a game up to the expectation. This game featured entirely new storyline and gameplay. The team included several other features including the quick-save.

Gameplay Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

This game also plays smoothly on the Game Boy Advance Console. Still, this game used several traits from the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance rom game but brought on changes over the several features and elements. They include the customizable map for the Ivalice world. This game attracted the gamers with its enhanced graphics.

Colors of the game

The game featured vibrant colors, sprite-based characters that showed some facial expressions and a flawless animation. One of the captivating parts about the game is that it offered three different display modes. The modes are created to optimize the gameplay in the consoles such as the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Advance SP.  The third mode is for optimizing the game for playing on the television.

The Game Boy Advance console can be played on the television by connecting the console to it with the means of the Game Cube. The game had taken another leap in Japan. The story of the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance rom was expanded to be broadcast on four different radio stations across Japan from January to March in 2003.


While we discuss the development, we cannot leave music for it plays an important role in the success of a game. The music is a part of the game that adds essence to it. Several talented musicians were the composer of the music in the game. Hitoshi Sakimoto composed the music in the Final Fantasy Advance primarily. The contribution of the additional music was done by Kaori Ohkoshi and Ayako Saso. The main theme of the game was composed by Nobuo Uematsu. DigiCube released the soundtrack album of this game on 19th of February, 2003. The album consisted of 74 tracks with an overall duration of over 2 hours.

The tracks were mixed compositions of orchestrated versions and Game Boy Advanced hardware sound versions. However, the game didn’t have any voices but soundtracks in the game.


A good storyline is the inevitable part of every game. The characters form the basis of the good story just like this game. The entire story of the game revolves around the three characters such as Marche Radiuju, Ritz Malheur, and Mewt Randell. Marche Radiuju was projected as the main character that fights his friend’s dream worlds. Ritz Malheur was projected as a stubborn girl who is straightforward and very decisive in skipping sides. Mewt Randell’s story involves the death of his mother that brought a major change to this world.

The magic found after his mother’s death changed the world into the world of Ivalice. The secondary characters of this game include Doned Radiuju and Cid Randell. Doned Radiuju is the brother of Marche Radiuju who is fond of the dream world and never desire to return to the real one. Cid Randell is the father of Mewt who is the Judgemaster of Ivalice world.  You may even see more characters than the ones above.

There are several other characters you will see taking the game forward. Those characters include,

  • Nono and moogles Montblanc, who are the friends of the hero.
  • Ezel Berbier, who is the genius as well as the troublemaker.
  • The archer Viera, who is the friend of Ritz.
  • Babus Swain, the royal mage.
  • Llednar Twem, the enforcer in replacement of judges.
  • Queen Remedi, ruler of Ivalice.

The four primary characters that are mentioned above, who are children, are the ones that create the story.  Marche Radiuju is a new student in the St. Ivalice School. He recently moved into the residence along with his little brother Doned who is a crazy fan of a fantasy novel and video games.


When Mewt comes across an eccentric old tome in a bookstore he shows it to his friends. What he didn’t know is that it is a powerful magical Gran Grimoire. They become confused seeing the mysterious language used in the book. But they notice a particular inscription that sounds, ‘Alta oron, Soudus Kameela’. The next morning Marche wakes up in the fantasy world of Ivalice. That is the dream world created by the four children who found the Grimoire.

The quest of the Marche is set in the dream world of Ivalice where everything happens according to their wishes. Marche gets united with his deceased mother and become the prince of the dream world, Ivalice. He is stronger and popular than he ever was in the real world. Marche’s brother is no more a handicap and able to walk as per his lifelong longing. Ritz got a silky red hear instead of her real white hair which was her long-time wish.

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Final Fantasy Tactics

As many people related to Marche have been dragged into the dream world, the battle of clans takes place putting them in danger. Cid becomes the powerful official of the nation. They all construct the final fantasy tactics advance rom game which has become a worldwide reputed game. Finally the main mission of this game is to return back to the real world from that fantasy world. To win on the mission, Marche has to fight several enemies and destroy crystals which are the power of Ivalice. The main villain of this game is Llednar Twem whose existence is the result of Mewt’s negative emotions.

The quest includes making the children realize that the world is not real and they all have to learn to live with their problems in real life. The game meets and happy ending at last. The game contains two subplots apart from the main plot. Redwing Arc and Judge Arc are the subplots.

The Redwing Arc

The Redwing Arc belongs to the Redwings clan. The Judge arc sets as the Marche never leaves Ivalice and destroys all the corrupt Judges there. The battles take place in the three-dimensional field in this game.. The Marche is the main playable character that organizes clan and progresses through the missions. The game involves four types of missions: regular, encounter, dispatch, and area. Each mission handles several tasks which are all ultimately aims at the game’s ending.

Some missions require the player to own certain items to be eligible for accepting the mission. To obtain that item, the players have to participate on another mission. The world map in the game reveals the locations as the player win the missions. The players receive the location tokens after successfully completing certain missions. This game also enables the multiplayer option where two players could collaborate on the missions or play against each other.


The Final Fantasy Tactics Advance rom won the hearts of millions of gamers with its intriguing plot and gameplay. The tactical battle like adventure makes players focused on winning the game.

As a proof of its success, this game has a selling record of over 440,000 copies in Japan and that itself in the opening year. Sales in the fist week were off the charts. The game had garnered over twenty-two million dollars in the United States alone from the sales of over 660,000 units. The game has also won the award for the Best Handheld Game at the 7th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards in 2004. Likewise, this game had made several records in the gaming industry.

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